Where and how did Harvest Point Church come to be?

Harvest Point Church has a rich and long history in Grand Prairie, TX. In September of 1996, Harvest Point Church began its services under the pastoral leadership of Senior Pastor Daniel Ramos, Jr. and First Lady Leida Ramos. At that time, HPC had just a few members. Within a few years, church membership had reached over 100 members and the church began to search out a new house of worship.

Throughout the years, Harvest Point Church would be building and preparing places of worship starting with Suite 419. After several months of searching, God led the congregation to Marshall and 3rd street. HPC remodeled Suite 419 in fall of 1998 and moved into the suite in the spring of 1999. Harvest Point Church has been rooted in south central Grand Prairie since the spring of 1999. Within a few years, HPC had grown past 200 members and begin to pray about remodeling suite 417. It would be a monumental project. The church prepared to build out a 16,500 square-foot building. The early estimate to renovate the suite was over $400,000. With faith and hard work, HPC signed the lease and began to renovate the building. God began to pour out His blessing and materials started to show up. God moved upon businesses and individuals to donate and give to the building of the House of God. After two years, the suite was remodeled and HPC moved into the Suite in March of 2003.

Over the years, God has placed wonderful people in the ministry. Pastor Daniel Ramos, Jr. comes from a long line of pastors and ministers. Pastor Daniel is a third generation minister on his father’s side and 4th generation on his mother’s side. Pastor Daniel Ramos, Jr. was ordained in May of 1990.  Pastor Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas Wesleyan University and a degree in Religious Education from Cornerstone University.  Pastor Daniel has been married to Leida Ramos since 1990 and they have three children Meagan, Daniel III, and Alexis.  All of whom are in the ministry.

Most of the church leadership has 10 or more years of ministry service at Harvest Point Church. (Ask for the Elders to stand when their name is called.) Our church leadership is Pastor Josh Ramos, Sr., Elder Martin and Lupita Cardenas, Elder Ray and Jeanie Ramirez, Elder Jill Malone, Elder David and Lydia Castillo, Elder Richard and Tammy Benevidez, and Elder Tim and Olivia Adams. There are a host of ministers who have been raised up in the ministry who serve in a variety of ways including the armor bearers that serve the office of the pastors. (Can ministry leaders stand along with the Armor Bearers)

Since the fall of 2010, Harvest Point Church has been searching for a new home. After several years of searching for a church building, HPC decided to build a church from the ground up. In August of 2014, God opened the door for the ministry to buy property in Arlington. Harvest Point Church purchased property at 200 E. Turner Warnell Road in Arlington, TX. Plans are underway for a 17,500 square-foot worship facility. We will be breaking ground on our new property in 2018. We hope to have more information on the exact time in the weeks to come. In closing, we would like to thank God for His continued faithfulness and to everyone over the last 20 years who took part in ministry. We look forward to many more years of ministry in the City of Arlington.